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Thin King
It’s time to lose the wallet, drop the cash, and get Thin King. Thin King is classic yet modern design is clean and simple. It matches anyone’s style, from the hippest of hipsters to the grandest of grannies. Going out? Choose from 8 colours to complement anything in your closet (even those leather pants you never wear). Getting sweaty? Use Thin King while you exercise or play sports. Or you can carry your cards in it every day, if you want. That’s cool, Thin King is flexible.Not literally, though. Thin King is made of super strong and durable anodized aluminium, the same stuff used in airplanes. I bet your wallet isn’t made out of airplanes. Thin King fits your pocket, your wardrobe, and your budget better than a wallet. So why carry around a corpse? CASH IS DEAD. LONG LIVE THE KING.