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The Ögon credit card holder was designed in Sweden by a team of designers and based on the classic Zero Halliburton and Rimowa suitcase lines. Leading designers who are frequently used as examples as top-notch designers. Made of aluminium and very strong plastics, these card holders of Ögon Design give a very solid and robust character.

They invented the new design wallet in 2004. A revolutionary product that changed the market most definitely. Ögon Designs invented the concept of minimalistic designer wallets.

It was a response to the somewhat conservative leather goods market. A mini revolution you could call it. They proved hugely successful with this innovation.

Design is paramount at this French metal card holder manufacturer. In recent years they have expanded their range considerably with new credit card holders and card cases. All with just 1 thought: how do we offer the most user comfort. And with a bit of slick design of course.

Frequently copied with fake card holders

Don't be fooled by the huge amount of counterfeit card holders on the market today. The credit card holders from France are the only original. You notice the difference in quality immediately when you hold the card holder in your hands.

These French card holders are made of high-quality aluminium so that it can take some hits. It is not without reason that they also offer an amazing 2 year warranty. Very trendy, modern, practical and safe.


Ögon Designs invented the metal card holders and they are a well-known name in the market. The handy metal card cases are elegantly designed, robust and your cards are safely stored in them. Ögon has many lines, such as the classic credit card holder, the large wallet or the waterproof V2 card holder.

But in addition, the card holder manufacturer also has specials such as the Quilted Zipper and the Cascade Wallet. The CODE wallets are also legendary with a real code lock. Ögon has a card holder for every wish and / or occasion.

Classic Stockholm card holder

The classic metal card holder is without a doubt the Stockholm. This compact card holder offers space for 10 cards. You can store your cards in the handy pockets of the card holder. There are 6 places where you can place your passes.

The fan-shaped compartments offer enough space for 1 or 2 cards. You can also place money, business cards and receipts in the card slots. These compartments are made of a very robust material so that your cards are well stored. Also a point where the Ögon really sets itself apart from the competition.

Made in France

France is known as the land of design for a reason. But these metal card cases are also a true quality product from France. All aluminium card cases from Ögon Designs meet the highest quality requirements and are strictly controlled. Ögon Designs has taken this through well and you can see it at every aspect until the box of the product itself.

A simple design has beautifully evolved into a design product of Ögon. And of the best quality. It is simply unparalleled. They are also very proud of that and we understand that.

It is not without reason that the Ögon Designs metal card case is the most sold product in the world.


Success is quickly copied. Similarly, the success of Ögon Designs. Numerous copies of Ögon credit card holders are available on the market. However, these are all of inferior quality.

You notice this immediately. The paint of the cheap imitation products looks cheaper. The inlay of the copies breaks in no time. And the locks and hinges also quickly damage.

And then you don't have to count on any a warranty like Ögon offers. However, with the metal card holders of Ögon you are ensured of a 2-year warranty. So buy only the original, buy Ögon's card holders. You are ensured of elegance, quality and guarantee.

Online you will find several videos of these French cardholders being compared to the counterfeit products. You immediately see the difference. Not only visually, but also in terms of practical use. Only the original offers the quality you expect.

Two-year warranty

It is not without reason that the metal card holder manufacturer from France gives a two-year warranty on all card holders. An Ögon card holder almost never fails. But if this card holder unexpectedly breaks down, it will be replaced by a new credit card holder without any problem.

The two-year warranty of course only focuses on manufacturing defects of, for example, the lock or hinges. Damage to paint and dented metal are of course not covered by the warranty.

Use with caution

You should always be careful with your aluminium card holder. First of all, you should never keep metal objects next to the aluminium product. Keeping your metal card case in your pocket along with a bunch of keys is asking for troubles. Like this you will most probably scratch your metal credit card holder.

In addition, you are not supposed to sit on the metal card case when it is in your back pocket. In itself it is ok to sit on the metal card case from Ögon Design. It is sturdy enough for that. Just be aware that the aluminium card holder from Ögon might deform when it is in your back pocket.


All Ögon card holders are RFID protected. Due to the metal case, cards cannot be read from the outside. Your cards are therefore safe in an Ögon credit card holder. That is such a comforting feeling.

Your cards are also protected against skimming in the cascade wallet from Ögon. It has a slightly different design than you are used to from Ögon, but that is no problem at all. So you never have to worry again that you will lose your money in one quick moment.

Official reseller

indeSHOP is the official reseller of Ögon products. We have direct contact with Ögon and purchase the products directly from France without intermediate trade. This way you can be sure that you are buying the original and that you can make use of the guarantee scheme without any problem.