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The Ögon Card Cases were designed to look like the classic metal suit case lines by Zero Halliburton and Rimowa. Built from aluminum and a highly durable synthetic material these card holders have a very solid and robust feel. Do not be fooled by all the cheap copies you find on Ebay or Amazon, Ogon Designs produce the original card cases.

Ögon Designs Cardcases

The cardholders of Ögon Designs are a household name. The handy metal card cases are elegantly designed, robust and your cards are stored safely in them. Ögon has many lines, such as the classic credit card holder, the large wallet or the waterproof V2 card holder. But Ögon Designs also has specials such as the Quilted Zipper and the Cascade Wallet. Ögon has a card holder for every wish and / or occasion.

Not for nothing does Ögon Designs provide a lifetime warranty on its cardholders. If an Ögon cardholder fails, it will be replaced without problems by a new Ögon credit card holder. The Ögon warranty naturally only focuses on manufacturing defects such as the lock or hinges. Damage to paint and dented metal is of course not covered by the warranty. But that makes sense of course.

Ögon Designs: Made in France

The cardcases from Ögon Designs are a quality product from France. All Ögon Designs cardcases meet the strictest quality requirements and are strictly inspected. It is not for nothing that France is known for the land of design. Ögon Designs did well. Ögon has beautifully evolved a simple design into a design product.

Ögon cardcases versus counterfeiting

Success is quickly copied. The same goes for the success of Ögon Designs. There are numerous copies of Ögon's credit card holders. However, these are all of inferior quality. The paints look cheaper, the interior is broken in no time and the locks and hinges quickly fail. And then you do not have to go for a guarantee as is possible with Ögon. So buy the original, buy the card holders from Ögon.

Ögon card holders are RFID proof

All Ögon card holders are RFID protected. Due to the metal case, external cards cannot be read. Your cards are therefore safe in an Ögon credit card holder. That is such a safe feeling. Also in the Ögon cascade wallet, which has a slightly different design than you are used to from Ögon, your cards are protected against skimming. So you never have to worry again that you will lose your balance on your debit card in one fell swoop.