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The Mighty Wallet of Dynomighty Design from the United States is made from the amazing plastic Tyvek. This material is super strong which gives the mighty wallet a particularly sturdy character. The Tyvek wallet feels like real paper, but it certainly isn't. Tyvek cannot be torn, even when it gets wet.

In addition, the tyvek wallet from Dynomighty is made of recycled plastic. The mighty wallet paper wallet consists of 25% recycled plastic and is itself 100% recyclable. After all, the material comes from recycled milk and water cartons. Tyvek is therefore in every way environmentally responsible.

Spacious mighty wallet

The Mighty Wallet offers enough space for 16 cards. It also features 2 compartments for cash and receipts and 2 compartments for business cards.

The mighty wallet of Dynomighty Design is only 20 grams. The paper wallet of Dynomighty Design is so slim and lightweight. Therefore you can really take the Mighty Wallet with you wherever you go.

You hardly feel the wallet in your pocket. It is therefore the ideal paper wallet for a night out where you do not want to feel your wallet in your pocket. It is also perfect for the beach so that your leather wallet does not get wet. The dimensions have also been kept within its limits.

The format itself can be compared with a normal billfold wallet. The dimensions are only 10 x 8.3 cm. But the thickness is of course exceptionally thin at 0.6 cm. That just shows how compact the wallet of Dynomighty Design actually is.

Practical paper wallet

You don't expect it, but you use the mighty wallet like a normal wallet. The paper wallet simply has compartments for your bills and special card slots for all your cards. In addition, the tyvek wallet offers you two more compartments in which you can store your business cards, for example.

Another nice trick of the paper wallet is that you can also write on it. That is a special feature of the tyvek wallet. The writable surface of the mighty wallet is therefore easy to use for a quick note. But whether you should want that is just the question.

Numerous designs

The Mighty Wallet is available in numerous designs. That is why there is always a mighty wallet that suits you and your personal style. Whether you love certain animal prints, the various action hero’s such as Superman or you love certain artists. You will always find a paper wallet for your style.

The 500 Euro wallet in particular is very popular in Europe (although before the Brexit). Money is of course an excellent theme around your wallet. That is why these wallets are selling amazingly.

Over time, the Mighty Wallet gradually softens and after years of wear it takes on a certain vintage look. And yet the mighty wallet remains super strong and keeps all your cards and other content of your wallet in a safe place. A safe feeling, right?

Mighty wallet as a gift

The Mighty Wallet of Dynomighty is a perfect gift idea. It is an original gift, an ideal item to give away, and it is also very competitively priced. With free shipping of course (from a certain order value). The receiver of this very original gift will certainly be delighted with it.

Especially when you know the hobby or interest of the person to whom you want to give the gift. Then the mighty wallet is the perfect item to give away. There is often a design that fits perfectly with the hobby or interest. Someone who loves animals, art, comics, traveling or making money, is guaranteed to find a mighty wallet that suits him or her.