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CARD HOLDERS, the alternative to the traditional wallet

CardholderShop.co.uk is the best online store specializing in high-quality card holders for yourself or as a gift for him or her. At CardholderShop.co.uk you will be surprised with special card cases and cardholders and much more. You always find something special here for any occasion. Quality first: CardholderShop.co.uk is official reseller of genuine brands with 1 to 5 year warranty!

On this site you will find all the trendy credit card holders of the moment. On CardholderShop.co.uk you will only find original products, such as Vip Flap, Exentri and Thin King.

But you are also in the right place for well-known brands such as Ögon and Troika. There are metal and leather credit card holders, but there are also plastic card holders and even eco-friendly card holders.


Credit card holders are very useful if you only want to carry cards with you. It is a kind of credit card wallet in which there is only room for cards and not for cash.

These wallets ensure that your cards are well protected. In most cases, cards are not only protected against breakage and damage, but also against contactless bank card skimming.

With us you can choose from many credit card holders. These differ in brand, material, color, number of passes, and price. For example, we offer card holders in aluminum, desmopan, plastic, leather and tyvek.

With more than 400 credit card holders in our portfolio, CardholderShop.co.uk is the ideal online store to order your credit card holder online.


CardholderShop.co.uk offers card holders that can hold a single card, but also credit card wallets that can hold up to 22 cards. No matter how many cards you have, we always have a card holder that's entirely right for you.

You can choose to use a credit wallet as your wallet, but you can also choose to use both depending on the occasion. You may only really need one or two passes at some times. In this case, it is not necessary to bring your entire wallet with cash, bills and cards.


The wallets for credit cards are famous brands. With us you will find card holders from Castelijn & Beerens, Dosh, Dynomighty Design, Ögon Designs, Smartcaze and Tony Perotti. All brands offer quality credit card holders and each has their own style.

Castelijn & Beerens is known for its stylish, high-quality leather wallets. Dosh manufactures functional and innovative designer card wallets. Ögon Designs is known for the aluminium wallets which it first developed in 2004. Vip Flap on the other hand makes fashionable magic wallets.

If you are looking for a credit card wallet of a specific brand, you can select that brand from the filters menu on the left.


If you are looking for an elegant card wallet, then choose a card wallet made of leather. These leather card holders look stylish and elegant because of the leather finishing. Are you looking for a credit card holder with a more striking colour? In addition to the black leather credit card wallets, we also have various leather styles in the range with a colour such as blue or red.

A leather credit card wallet has a one-year warranty as standard with CardholderShop.co.uk. The leather credit card wallets from Castelijn & Beerens are an exception to this: these card holders feature a two-year warranty.


An aluminium card holder offers your cards 100% protection. The aluminium credit card holders have a sleek design and are available in different colours. The card holders from CardholderShop.co.uk do not all have the same model.

Some card holders have holders on the inside where cards can be inserted. Other card wallets are just a metal case where the cards can be placed separately. Besides there are credit card holders where you can slide the cards upwards with a special mechanism.


RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification and is a technology with which information can be stored or read from an RFID tag from a distance. This technology makes it possible, for example, to pin without contact or to check in with an oyster card. It makes it possible to transfer information very easily and quickly.

However, this is being exploited as well. To prevent misuse of your cards with RFID chips, there is a special foil that makes it impossible to read information from the cards. RFID wallets have this special foil in the wallet, which protects all cards in the wallet.


A credit card holder with money clip offers you everything you need. The convenience of a credit card holder with the convenience of a money clip wallet. You can easily store your bills in the money clip wallet and that is also possible with these handy card wallets.

Many normal wallets have too little space for all your cards. A cardholder wallet with money clip does have enough space for all the cards you need. The stainless steel money clip makes it easy to take bills with you without it floating around in your pocket.

Many people are just not satisfied with an ordinary cardholder. They also wish to have money with them for small purchases. Therefore, some credit card holders with money clip have been launched to meet this demand.

Some cardholders have the money clip on the outside, such as Wagner or Switzerland, so that you can easily access your money. Other credit card holders have the money clip on the inside so that your money is extra protected such as Dosh and Troika. All in all, very handy credit card holders with money clip!


Cardholders are compact and practical and are the perfect alternative to an ordinary wallet. Credit card holders are very useful when you only want to take cards with you, but with a credit card holder with money clip you can easily take bills with you.

A wallet with a money clip is often very large to be able to put in your pocket. Credit card holders with a money clip almost always fit in your pocket. Like this you will never have the problem that your wallet does not fit in your pocket again.

The wallets with money clip from CardholderShop.co.uk are all of high quality and they are available in different price categories so that you can always find the perfect one for yourself or someone else.

At CardholderShop.co.uk you will find cardholders with money clip from Dosh and Wagner of Switzerland. Both brands are of very high quality and have their own system. The credit card holders from Dosh open like a billfold wallet while Wagner of Switzerland has applied a smart sliding system.


What is a card holder?

A card holder is a practical storage system for all your credit cards, business cards and oyster cards. More and more people are not paying cash anymore. That's why you only need a card at most occasions.

With a card holder all your cards are safely stored at one place. Many card holders are also resistant to RFID. So your cards cannot be skimmed and your data is safe with you.

What types of cardholders are available?

Card holders come in different shapes and sizes. The differences lie mainly in the material and to a lesser extent the shape. There are aluminium, leather and plastic card holders. Additionally, a big distinction can be made if a credit card is RFID resistant and if your cards are protected against skimming.

Finally, there are also differences in the way you can access your card slots. Your cards can be placed together compactly, organized in a divider, or you can remove your cards with a mechanism.

How to avoid card fraud?

A RFID card holder has a layer of protection that makes it impossible to communicate with the chip of your cards. This anti-RFID layer can be made of metal or an RFID resistant film. As long as your cards are in your card holder, for example, no data can be taken from your cards. The downside is that you cannot check in or out at public transport with your oyster card. You will have to take the card out of your card holder.

What is the cheapest card holder?

The Walter Wallet is currently the cheapest card holder (based on the original brands). It is made of plastic and offers a very convenient way to store your cards properly.

Are there also credit card holders with a money clip?

Certainly! Credit card holders such as Wagner of Switzerland and Dosh Wallet also have a money clip where you can safely store your bills in addition to your cards.

What is the difference with a wallet?

In general, the main difference with a wallet is the size. Wallets are generally large, while credit card holders are compact. They are in basically only made for cards, but nowadays there are also all kinds of variants with coin compartments and money clips.

What is the largest capacity credit card holder?

The Garzini Magistrale Pezzini has room for no less than 16 cards. In addition, this card wallet also offers space for money, and there is even a compartment for your coins.