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Ögon Cascade Wallet
The Ögon Cascade Wallet Titanium Carbon is an ingenious cardholder. This cardholder has a smart sliding system so that your cards are kicked out of the cardholder with a finger movement. You then select the pass that you are looking for. This slim cardholder offers space for 8 cards and on the inside of the leather cover you can store up to six banknotes. The Cascade cardholder from Ögon is made of genuine Italian leather and strong aluminum. This cardholder offers RFID protection for all your cards. All cards in your cardholder are protected against reading from outside. You can only use the RFID applications if you remove your cards from the cardholder.

Cascade wallet from Ögon

The cascade wallet from Ögon is an ingenious invention. With this cascade wallet you can store 8 passes. With a smart sliding system you can conjure up your steps at the touch of a button. You then take the card that you need from the cardholder.

Ögon leads the way with inventions in the field of cardholders, cardholders and wallets. The cascade wallet fits exactly within the Ögon card holder range. The cascade wallet is for the practical man who wants to quickly put away his cards but also someone who is crazy about gadgets.

Aluminum Cardholder

Ögon focuses on aluminum cardholders. This is also the case with the cascade wallet. Ögon always uses high-quality aluminum so that the card holders are robust, do not dent quickly and also do not scratch easily.

In addition, the cascade has a leather cover that protects your aluminum cardholder and also offers space for storing bills.

RFID cardholder with sliding mechanism

The cascade wallet is RFID protected. Your cards with an RFID chip are therefore protected and cannot be read. For example, a balance on a chip card is so secure.

With the sliding system of the cascade wallet you can neatly store your cards and most importantly: you can conjure up the card you need with the push of a button.